Our Faith

Our Faith

Cedar Park Christian Schools mission is to partner with families in educating the whole person to glorify God transforming the hearts and minds of children in a decidedly Christian community.

Our core values are: spiritual formation, academic excellence and godly relationships.  We strive to provide children with an education founded on a Christian Worldview that has the truth of scripture at its cornerstone.

Students are instructed in character education and Biblical truths through their daily Bible classes, through our strong Biblical Worldview Curriculum that is faith based throughout every subject, through our community involvement that requires every classroom to participate in a community outreach project and through weekly chapel services.

Our school day begins with prayer as a school community as well as participating in calendar events such as "See You At The Pole" and "National Day of Prayer."

Our teachers are committed to teaching our students God's truth in all subject matters from a Biblical worldview.  Speaking life and truth into the lives of our students, our teachers desire that each student would accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, thereby growing in character and actions that reflect that worldview.  Teachers meet daily to pray for the school and its needs before starting each day. Your child will be taught by teachers who truly love and care for them.