Campus Life

Arts & Humanities


The intention of the music curriculum is to affirm and stimulate the creative abilities of students, to celebrate the great gift of music that God has given to each of us, and to extend the student’s capacity for insight, invention, deep understanding and appreciation for music. The students perform in two concerts per year. The music program includes instruction in choral music as well as various instrumental options.

Tech Lab

Our Computer classes begin in Kindergarten. Students learn the basics of finger typing in kindergarten and progress through sixth grade with PowerPoint and Excel presentations. Classroom teachers also use the tech lab for more computer instruction on specific projects.


Many of our students join the Northwest Christian Sports League which uses our fields and gyms for soccer, baseball and basketball practices and games. Our fifth and sixth grade students have the opportunity to join with our Mountlake Terrace Junior High students to participate in after school sports such as volleyball, soccer, basketball and track.  

Physical Education

The Physical Education curriculum focuses on the importance of physical fitness for all students. In class,  students learn and explore a variety of developmentally-appropriate physical activities and games to help them gain coordination and confidence in their growing bodies. With an overall emphasis on health and fitness, students are instructed in movement, sports, games and exercise.